4 March 2011


These images show work in progress by Stephenie Bergman for her upcoming show, 'The Wire and Other Works' in our Project Space, 5 May - 18 June 2011. 

Bergman will transform Marsden Woo Gallery’s Project Space into an extraordinary habitat furnished with bold and exotic artefacts, both functional and decorative. They include room dividers and lights, arrangements of boxes and ceramic boulders, tables and cups, all far from orthodox in form. The collection also comprises newly invented things, such as a playful sculptural object that serves as a shrine-like receptacle for a special pair of shoes.

A delight in the interplay of shape, line, colour and texture has been a feature of Bergman’s art and design work since she first came to prominence as a painter, in the 1970s. Since that time she has moved effortlessly between different media (canvas and paint, wood, clay and glaze), following her creative concerns to make a great variety of artefacts. Now working mainly with ceramic materials she finds inspiration in her immediate surroundings (dividing her time between bases in the Var, France and Taroudant, Morocco, with occasional trips to the UK). She also works to meet her own domestic needs, or by commission to meet the requirements of others.

Bergman’s intuitive and innovative approach results in fresh, arresting objects. Made to be used or otherwise lived with, these are life-affirming works that lift the human spirit.  

Please click here to download the full press release.

Work in progress © Stephenie Bergman

Work in progress © Stephenie Bergman

Work in progress © Stephenie Bergman

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