1 November 2012


We are delighted to announce the opening of our very special sculpture double bills. In two simultaneous solo exhibitions, sculptors Owen Bullett and Rupert Ackroyd are showing major bodies of brand new work with us. 

In the main gallery Owen Bullett's 'Force Field' comprises a series of highly elegant large-scale abstract works. These pieces, responses to events both mundane and momentous, give a sense of the impact of invisible forces on sculptural form and space. Ancient stone and modern steel, the rough and the refined, heaviness and weightlessness all feature in Bullett's material lexicon; he selects his materials and methods of construction with care and in recognition of their complex historical, cultural and physical associations. In 2010 Bullett debuted the momentous oak and steel work 'Portal' in our Project Space. We are delighted to welcome him back for his second show at Marsden Woo.

Meanwhile, our downstairs Project Space hosts Rupert Ackroyd's 'Inn, Inn, Inn' - a sculptural installation based on the material surfaces commonly found in the English Public House. Ackroyd explains that 'As the backdrop to the activities of the public house, these surfaces have evolved into the physical embodiment of the idea that is the pub.... specifically this exhibition focuses on how such traditions in pub decor have been reinterpreted and redeployed over time.' At the centre of the show is an oak beam partition. In combination with materials derived from wall treatments, this equates to the layered surfaces that are built up within pub interiors over time, and which form a composite collection of histories. 

Both shows run until 22 December.

Owen Bullett 'Divided Self II' (2012), photo © Philip Sayer, Marsden Woo Gallery
Photo © Rupert Ackroyd, 2012

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