12 June 2013


Our latest artist discussion took place last night with Glenn Adamson in conversation with our current main gallery exhibitor, Martin Smith. In this instalment, Adamson probed Smith on the relationship between drawing and his work, the echo of traditional formats and the technical aspects within this remarkable new body of vessels and wall pieces.

It was a wonderful insight into the artist’s practice, Smith described in detail the manner in which he created the incised patterns on his vessel pieces using a diamond burr and stylus apparatus that he created himself. Smith also referred to the rich tradition of ceramics that he works and draws strength from and revealed the importance of subtlety in his work- “through subtle shifts extraordinary things happen”. He developed this point by talking about the significance of challenging himself through setting constraints and experimenting within them, a method which continues to intrigue him.

Many thanks to everyone who came and took part in this fascinating discussion!

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Martin Smith’s exhibition, ‘static field’, will continue until 4pm this Saturday, 15 June. To see installation images from this show please click here. To view more of Smith's work, please see his page on our gallery website: http://www.marsdenwoo.com/smith/ms1.htm

Some snapshots of the evening:

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