1 June 2016


Last month, Jonathan Anderson, Creative Director of Loewe, presented the Award for Outstanding Creativity and Craftsmanship to Marsden Woo Gallery artist Alison Britton at the London Craft Week Opening Party. Anderson said that for him, Alison signified the best of craft in this country for creative and poetic expression combined with craft skill. Congratulations, Alison! http://www.londoncraftweek.com/news_blog/vanessa-swann-highlights-week#open-gallery

Alison is also featured in Frieze Magazine's May issue in a fascinating discussion with Caroline Achaintre, Aaron Angell and Richard Slee, chaired by Amy Sherlock, speaking about their work in clay and the medium's position between art and craft:

'Craft occupies an unstable position in the spectrum of art design and I don't think it has ever, since it was the normal way of producing everything, had a fixed place.It can be an absolute taboo at some points and, currently, it's very appealing, but it's always being redefined and always on the move. If you tried to put an edge around it, a defined border between art, craft and design, then you'd be stuck, I think. The discipline would die.'
- Alison Britton, Frieze No. 179, May 2016

Registered Frieze users can read the full article online here: https://www.frieze.com/article/two-places

Alison Britton's remarkable retrospective continues at the V&A until 4 September, and she is showing in our current exhibition here at Marsden Woo Gallery - Bryan Illsley and Company Limited', running til 11 June.

Alison Britton and Jonathan Anderson (2016) image © London Craft Week

Bryan Illsley and Company Limited at Marsden Woo Gallery (2016) image © Philip Sayer
Alison Britton, Content and Form at the V&A(2016) image © Philip Sayer
Alison Britton and Jim Partridge at Marsden Woo Gallery (2014) image © Philip Sayer

Alison Britton, Three by One, at the Crafts Study Centre, Farnham, (2012) image © Philip Sayer
Alison Britton, Standing and Running at Marsden Woo Gallery (2012) image © Philip Sayer
Alison Britton and Marrit Tingleff at Marsden Woo Gallery (2009) image © Philip Sayer

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