19 July 2016


Whilst Owen Bullett's previous exhibition with Marsden Woo Gallery was concerned with form and the intersection of solid and void, there is now a fusion of these elements within and surrounding this intriguing series. Volume and form don't just co-exist as separate entities; they have become consciously enmeshed.

These new sculptures have a distinct presence and although physically grounded, there is cohesion of energy and movement at play, as the title suggests. Placed in the landscape of the gallery space, this merging of form and anti-form creates a discourse around the works that echoes across the exhibition.

Working on a smaller scale that his previous solo show at Marsden Woo Gallery, a sense of intimacy from working at his bench can be seen and felt. Using native English wood such as oak, cedar and elm, Bullett heightens the natural characteristics of his materials - some pieces are roughly knotted, others are finely shaped, and these are then further juxtaposed with various metal components and lively injections of colour. These contrasts within the work place an emphasis on what is observed and what is hidden, what is felt and what is absent.

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