14 July 2011


The next show in our main gallery this September, Taking the Chair, will be an exciting and unique collaboration between the ground-breaking multi-disciplinary gallery artist Caroline Broadhead and her talented daughter Maisie Broadhead.

With this in mind, we invite you to cast a retrospective eye over a small selection of elegant and innovative works that Caroline has produced in the past, gleaned from our own image archive. These delicate installation pieces in particular, several of which featured in the publication 'Chiaroscuro' (2001), are gently suggestive of the kind of aesthetic language we can expect from Caroline's contribution to this new collaborative project.

To view a press release for Taking the Chair please click here. 

photo © Philip Sayer

'Ready to Tear' detail (1998) photo © Caroline Broadhead

'in-crease-de-crease' (1999) photo © Caroline Broadhead

'Tunnel Dress' (1999) photo © Caroline Broadhead

'Dress With Black Holes' (1999) photo © Caroline Broadhead

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