22 February 2012


Patrick Mifsud, the artist whose spectacular installation work Connect/Dissect is currently occupying our Project Space in his solo show 'On Different Levels', has just posted a charming video online documenting the construction of the piece (see below).

Along with the artist himself, a rotating team of four helpers spent almost 5 days installing the show - which included the tying of over 900 tiny knots to 900 corresponding hooks...! The resulting work is not only a highly sophisticated exploration into the manipulation of spatial awareness, but also a subtle and absorbing colour study. As the viewer moves around the space, the many lines of richly pigmented thread appear to condense and separate, moving in and out of focus to form dynamic washes of translucent colour.

 The show, curated by Tessa Peters, will continue until 17 March.

On Different Levels from Patrick Mifsud on Vimeo.

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