8 February 2012


Long-term collaborator and close friend of the gallery, photographer Philip Sayer, has just launched a brand new website featuring an extensive archive of images dating from his professional beginnings in 1969 right through to his most recent work, including the book to accompany Gordon Baldwin's imminent solo show, 'Objects for a Landscape', opening at York Art Gallery this week.

With a wide-range of subject matter - from iconic portraits of literary, art and design masters such as Philip Larkin, David Hockney and Ettore Sottsass, to editorial spreads from Blueprint magazine (of which Sayer was a founding member) and his own personal compendium of beautifully atmospheric landscape images - this comprehensive site is a fitting testament to both the astounding technical skill and extraordinary creative talent of this most prolific of photographers.

The collection even features a selection of pictures taken in collaboration with us here at the gallery. To all extents and purposes, Sayer is solely responsible for the impressive and unique catalogue of images we hold here, built up over many years since we first opened our doors in 1998. 

The site was designed and built by Marsden Woo's own Alida Sayer.


Photo © Philip Sayer

Site built by Alida Sayer, all images © Philip Sayer

Marsden Woo Gallery (c. 1999)
Photo © Philip Sayer

Spread from new book, edited by David Whiting, to accompany Gordon Baldwin's
solo exhibition 'Objects for a Landscape' (2012) at York Art Gallery
Images © Philip Sayer

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